Voyager's Not Gone Yet

La Voyager aún en la Heliosfera

Last summer, it looked like the Voyager 1 spacecraft might have finally reached its ultimate destination. Thirty-five years out from Earth and three times farther from the sun than Pluto, the decrepit spacecraft reported a sharp drop in plasma blowing out from the sun and a sharp jump in cosmic rays streaming in from out in the galaxy.
But three papers published online this week in Science conclude that Voyager 1 has not left the heliosphere—the sun's magnetic bubble inflated by its blowing plasma—and entered interstellar space. That's because Voyager found no accompanying switch from the magnetic field spiraling out from the sun to the magnetic field of interstellar space.
Instead, Voyager has discovered a hybrid part of the heliosphere lying between the heliosphere proper and true interstellar space. And nobody knows how far that hybrid extends and when the spacecraft will actually make humankind's first contact with interstellar space. 

 Science. Volume 340, Number 6140, Issue of 28 June 2013